Aura Portraits & Reading



What is a Aura Portrait:

An Aura portrait is an insight into your past, present and future.  Each portrait CAN comprise of colour, pictures and symbols.  (Each portrait is different and unique to each individual person  so symbols etc will differ).  Each portrait reveals a particular aspect of your personality and the journey that you are on and has a specific meaning just for you.

It in self is a reading using portraits.

Below are some examples of an aura portrait.  The one with the writing is an example and not an Aura portrait produced for a client.  All information remains strictly confidential to myself and my client.

*Please be advised any information you receive from communications or consultations is for educational, spiritual and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to, nor should it ever, take the place of any medical, legal, financial, traditional psychological, or other professional advice.*

Payment: €70 to be paid in full at checkout.