Integrated Energy Therapy Healing with Angels



Integrated Energy Therapy works with the Nine Angels of the Energy field in removing emotional traumas from the body.  Every hurt we have been through, every heartache we have encountered stores as an emotion in the body that can cause blocks.  This blocks will hinder us from moving forward if not removed.  The amount of emotions suppressed in the body can have a huge in pact on us moving forward it can also turn to physical pain in our joints, back etc, every physical pain has it’s own story to tell.

Energy healing has been known to aid:


Self Love


Past healing and Trauma



The more open you are as the client the more beneficial your treatment is.  You must be open to receiving and letting go of the emotion for it to truly work for you.

What to expect in a treatment.

At the start of a treatment, I will explain to you what to expect and the procedure of the therapy session.   You will be asked to lie down on a therapy bed and soothing music will be played in the back ground to help you relax into the treatment.  I will place my hands over and on your body and remove the trapped negative energy from you body.  Sometimes you may feel emotional which is good, as your body is ready to release and heal.  A lot of clients have stated that they have felt a lot more relaxed and at peace after one of my treatments.

How many treatments will you need?

This is down to the individual Client and can be discussed after the treatment.  I do not push my treatments onto my clients but allow you the client to take control, after all, you are my priority.


Hands on treatments take place in a designated room in Cork

Distant Healing can be sent on request at a reduced cost.

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