Online Soul Secrets Healing Course




ANCESTRAL AND PAST HEALING  Removing lesson and hurts that go back generations both in our own family and our own lives

PAST LIFE REGRESSION Journey to a past life to heal an area you are struggling in whether it is confidence, fear etc.  Journeying to our past lives is a good way to help change our present one.

INNER CHILD TRAUMA – Releasing the past and the traumas we have gone through.  Finding an understanding so you can heal and let go.

IMPRINT REMOVAL – Removing negative and traumatic imprints that hinder us from moving forward.

ANGELIC HEALING – Working with the nine angels of energy field to remove suppressed emotions from your body.

SOUL STAR CONNECTION – Connect with your soul star to manifest and tune into your souls mission enabling you to move forward with confidence.

Cost of Course = E120 to be paid in full at checkout and is non-refundable after payment.

*All courses go ahead irrespective of numbers and payments for course dates are non-transferrable.*  1:1 sessions will be shorter please check with Martina.