The Spirit Within Intermediate Mediumship Course (Online)

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This course is for those who have already attended the Beginners Psychic and Mediumship course.

You will learn to further enhance your Mediumship Link and channel through messages from loved ones in the Spirit World.

You will learn how to:

  • Work with photos and artefacts from a passed over loved one (video link).
  • Allow the Spirit World to work through you as the real person (tutorial).
  • Understand the importance of working with respect and empathy (tutorial).
  • Understand the chakras and how they are essential to readings and our own life (tutorial).
  • Learn the meaning behind ego and how it can hinder or advance you in mediumship etc (tutorial).


As a Medium our vocation is to help the Spirit World relay their messages. To show that there is life after death and that the Soul continues to live on just as it did here in the Physical World. To bring forward evidence of personality, memories and love, and to always have respect after all it is someones loved one that you are speaking to x.

Online Course Payment: €120 to be paid at checkout.