The Spirit Within Advanced Mediumship Course (Online)

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This is for those who have already attended the intermediate Mediumship Course.

You will learn to further enhance your Mediumship Link and channel through messages from loved ones in the Spirit World.

You will learn how to:

  • Understanding how the The Spirit World works through my own understand and knowledge (Document and online teaching).
  • Use artefacts from loved ones to bring through personality and other evidence. (video link).
  • Understand how the Spirit World connect with us here in the Physical World. (video link).
  • Carryout a full in depth mediumship reading using guidelines and the knowledge that you have learnt already.
  • Understanding the meaning and respect of carrying out a demonstration in front of others.(video link).
  • Practice sessions with others (TBA).

Online Course Payment:

Cost of Course = E120 

e120 to be paid in full at checkout and is non-refundable after payment.  

*All courses go ahead irrespective of numbers and payments for course dates are non-transferrable.*