The Spirit Within Intermediate Psychic Course (Online)

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This course is for those who have already attended the Beginners Psychic and Mediumship course.

You will learn to further enhance your Psychic Intuition.

We will learn how to:

  • Use and understand symbols in a reading (list of symbols will be provided and their meanings
  • Tune in with your guides to create your own symbols and what those symbols mean (meditation sent through video link homestudy).
  • Understand the chakras and how they are essential to readings and our own life (document/video link)
  • Carryout readings using cards, understanding colours, expressions etc. (videos)
  • Reading energy
  • Carryout a reading on a stranger through a suitable media that is convenient for yourself and them.
  • Question and answer time and video links for support on your journey


Payment: €120 to be paid in full at checkout.