The Spirit Within Psychic and Mediumship Beginners Course (Online)



This course is about introducing you to the Psychic and Mediumship qualities that you have within you.

Learn how to:

  • Read peoples Auras using your own intuition (online tuition).
  • Learn how about you and the reason why you are here (practical home work).
  • Understand the difference in the clairs and the ones that you currently use (file).
  • Understand how to read the aura of another person and interpret it online (practice).
  • Meet your guides (meditation sent via video).
  • Understand how to use the power within you to connect with loved ones in the spirit world (online tuition).
  • Make a link and connect with a loved one in the Spirit world (on line tuition).

Our journeys always start from somewhere but getting it right from the beginning is essential.

You will receive a certificate and manual.

A time will be arranged for the student and client to undertake the various tutorials after payment of the course.

Cost of Course = E120 

e120 to be paid in full at checkout and is non-refundable after payment.  

*All courses go ahead irrespective of numbers and payments for course dates are non-transferrable.*