ONLINE Card Reading Course




This course is for those who wish to learn how to read Cards for a hobby or career.

1 day course 10.00 am – 4.00 pm approximately dependent on numbers

  • How to develop your uniqueness as a reader and psychic
  • Understand yourself as the reader and how  your experiences are important when reading for others
  • Read the colour and pictures in the cards and their meanings
  • Learn how to read the aura of a person
  • Sitting with guides and creating your special place where you can work with your guides and sit in the power
  • Sit in the power and connect to your guides channelling through your symbols and meanings.
  • Understand the ethics of reading cards and the duty of care you as the reader have to the sitter.
  • Learn how to read 1 and 3-card spread
  • Create a Celtic cross spread for an in-depth reading for a sitter
  • Course Notes and Certification on completion.

No specific cards are used for this course as Martina feels that can prevent the reader from moving on to alternative decks as they progress.  The skills taught in this course are transferable across all Oracle card decks and help each student build trust and confidence in their skills as they develop.  The course may be adapted on the day according to what is channelled by Martina to meet the needs of the attendee(s).

Class Length: 1 Day Course – 10 am – 4 pm with light refreshments. 1:1 sessions will be shorter please check with Martina. OR Part-Time Course – 10 am – 12.30 pm both days. Classes can be taught in person or online.

Cost of Course = E120 

e60 to be paid in full at checkout and is non-refundable after payment.  The remaining e60 is to be paid on the day.

*All courses go ahead irrespective of numbers and payments for course dates are non-transferrable.*

Once payment has been received you will receive your Zoom link to attend the classes.

*Please note:
It is not acceptable at any time to record this workshop. It will be seen as an infringement of copyright, privacy right and data protection.

We can not be held liable for any disruption to your internet service which may affect your attendance.